Are Bridal Shower Gifts really necessary?

Yes, if you are invited to a bridal shower you are expected to bring a gift.  Opening the bridal gifts in the main event and it will look bad if you turn up without one. This doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune however, homemade gifts are sometimes better than expensive ones. 

 There are some great bridal shower gift traditions to adhere to.  The first gift the bride opens should also be the one she uses first, so if you’ve given her champagne glasses, make sure your present is at the front of the queue! According to tradition, the giver of the third gift opened by the bride will be the first to have children, and if the Maid of Honor makes a bouquet from the present ribbons to be thrown at the wedding rehearsal, the catcher will be the next to get married. 

Bridal shower gifts

You’ve already chosen a beautiful wedding present from the wedding gift registry, but you’re struggling to find bridal shower gifts to celebrate the start of the bride’s life as a “Mrs.”  Don’t worry; there are hundreds of great bridal shower gifts that can be completely personalized and very special.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

A Wedding Day Survival Kit is the perfect gift for the Brides Big Day

Buy something for the big day

Think about bridal shower gifts that might be useful for the bride on the morning of the wedding when she’s getting herself ready.  A stylish bathrobe, toiletry case or towel set could be embroidered with her new name or new initials. A special “comfy” outfit to use before the wedding is an excellent idea too. For the wedding itself, find out from the Maid of Honor what the bride already has and use that as a guide.  Great bridal gifts include a handbag, hair comb or accessories, a mirror or compact to use on the day, or a pretty piece of jewelry incorporating ‘something blue’.

Buy something for the honeymoon

If you know where the couple is going on their honeymoon, this can provide inspiration for great bridal shower gifts.  Look for his and hers beach towels, a guide book, or even a coffee table book with photographs of the honeymoon location. Perhaps you could pay for a day’s excursion during the honeymoon, but you will need to know which travel agent they have used to be able to book this. 

Girly lingerie for the honeymoon is the ultimate bridal shower gift but don’t get anything too raunchy, remember her mother and grandmother might be in the room. Save really sexy underwear or sex toys for the bachelorette party

Buy something for married life

The couple will probably get all the domestic wedding gifts they need from their wedding gift registry, so if you are going down this route, try to get bridal gifts that are a little tongue in cheek, or comical, such as a pink polka dot apron and oven glove set, or a 1950s style guide book on being a good housewife. Alternatively you could get something related to the wedding gift you have bought, for example if you have bought linen table cloths, look for some beautiful silk placemats or a table runner.